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The Regional Maritime Training System (RMTS) in Hampton Roads is a structured workforce system focused on developing a qualified workforce for the Hampton Roads maritime industry. 

This collaborative effort involves businesses, training providers, educational institutions, and community organizations working together to enhance and grow the talent pipeline in the maritime sector. Some key points about the RMTS:

Service Area
and Partnerships:

  • (RMTS), Led by the Hampton Roads Workforce Council (HRWC) is a collaborative coalition of businesses, training providers, educational institutions, and community organizations working together to enhance and grow the pipeline of talent in the Hampton Roads maritime industry.
  • We cover the service areas that includes 27 independent localities in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, with a total of 1.9 million residents.
  • The HRWC serves as the convener and coordinator of maritime training throughout the region.

Industry Demand
and Goals:

  • Local employers in Hampton Roads need to fill over 100,000 jobs in positions such as welding, pipefitting, shipfitting, outside machining, marine electrical, commercial driving, port logistics, and offshore wind.
  • The RMTS aims to bolster the workforce for local companies directly serving the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base while also supporting regional shipbuilding, ship repair industries, and the broader maritime business community.

and Alignment:

  • The RMTS represents a cohesive and cooperative group working together to address the critical need for skilled workers in the maritime field.
  • Alignment is key: The HRWC maintains strong relationships with stakeholder organizations, capturing real-time demand data and assessing the regional supply in the training system.
  • By maximizing collaboration and investment, the RMTS generates exponential results, ensuring that the country’s critical needs are met with trained and skilled workers.

Something new is underway.

Key System Partners Include:

The RMTS plays a vital role in preparing a qualified workforce to support the maritime industry’s growth and meet the demands of the U.S. Navy’s Submarine fleet transformation. If you aspire to a career in this dynamic field, exploring available career opportunities through the RMTS could be a great step forward!

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